Meningitis -immunize or die.

You may remember being immunized against meningitis before you came to collage. But what do you really know about it? Meningitis is a disease caused by either bacteria or a virus, typically spread through breath or kissing (that’s why they immunize collage students). Viral meningitis tends to be less severe than bacterial meningitis, which can result in brain damage, hearing loss or learning disabilities. (1)

This disease is extremely deadly, and thus most of the younger generations are immunized against this. When the infecting bacteria enter some of the protective layers of the brain (called meninges), the body produces an inflammatory immune response. When your body does this, it recruits a lot of white blood cells and other immune cells to fight the infection, and this causes severe swelling. The swelling causes pressure to build up within the skull, compressing and damaging the brain.

Thus, most common symptoms of meningitis are a very sudden fever, headache and a stiff neck. If you or anyone you know seems to display these symptoms it is vital that they seek medical attention. Meningitis symptoms often become evident within ours of infection, and can kill someone in 48hrs.

Fortunately, if caught early, meningitis can be treated with antibiotics and the risk of dying from meningitis can be reduced to below 15% . (1)


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  1. TLL says:

    My experience wiht Meningiitis is with my brother. He felt “flu-like” and by late that night, another sister and brother called to see how he was feeling. His communication/thinking skills were so bad they drove over to his house. By the time they got there he couldn’t remember his name and he appreaered drunk or drugged. THey didn’t know what was wrong and drove him to the hospital. I write this because it is easy to mistakingly dismiss these later symptoms if the person is a partier. Fortunately, this was very uncharacteristic for our brother. By the time he arrived to the hospital he became very beligerant and the nurses and doctors thought he was high on something despite my sister and brother’s comments. It was a bad site. THey had to restrict his movement and brought in a security guard to hold him down. They finally drew his blood and were able to determine he had advanced stages of meningitis. His neck, well he had no neck. His head and neck were badly swollen and he was put into intensive care. He was lucky the meningitis drugs worked. It took a couple of weeks of not knowing if he would pull though.

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